Magnesite board is a good and versatile choice for construction work


Magnesite board «MAGNECO» is a building and finishing material with a unique set of positive operational performance, which provides the material with the widest range of applications.
The use of a magnesite board «MAGNECO», due to its physical and mechanical characteristics, in most cases, is more reasonable than the use of well-known construction and finishing materials such as gypsum board (including water-resistant and heat-resistant), any material on the basis of gypsum, plywood, Aquapanel, various board materials such as wood chipboard, QSB, OSB, asbestos cement shingle, fiber cement boards, etc. Under the same operating conditions, in comparison with a magnesite board, any other known construction material would not give you the desired result.

During the production of magnesite board «MAGNECO» it is used only natural components in the complete absence of any extraneous additives and impurities, which makes this material the absolute leader in the environmental issue.

Composition of magnesite board «MAGNECO»

Magnesium oxide


Magnesium chloride


Fiber cement








Magnesite board

Composition of magnesite board «MAGNECO».

Magnesite board «MAGNECO» in its composition is as follows:

  • the main components of magnesite board are chloride and magnesium oxide, the reciprocal reaction of which creates a very strong crystal lattice. This strong structure serves as a container for fixing of various kinds of fillers;
  • volcanic sand, the other name – perlite, which reduces both the thermal conductivity of magnesite board, and its weight, thus increases the performance parameters for sound insulation;
  • fine fraction sawdust add the volume and lightness to magnesite board;
  • basalt fiberglass is used for bilateral reinforcement of magnesite board. This component allows to make the board flexible and robust.

Due to such complex of components and developed, by specialist of our company, production technology, magnesite board gets high consumer quality directly on the production line, without the use of third modification agents, various types of surface treatments, etc.

A high percentage of magnesia cement in magnesite board «MAGNECO» produced by Company Magnesite Poland, makes this product the absolute leader in the market of construction and finishing materials based on magnesia binders.




magnesite board «MAGNECO» contains no harmful components and substances, in the composition there are completely absent the elements of formaldehyde, asbestos, etc. It consists only of the natural eco-friendly materials. It is absolutely safe in service for the people and for the food. It complies with all current ecology standards.


this characteristic of magnesite board «MAGNECO» significantly simplifies the installation process, making unnecessary the use of various types of lifting equipment, makes the installation process easier. Accordingly, the number of workers is reduced and as a result reduces the overall cost of the facility construction.


high strength characteristics make magnesite board «MAGNECO» reusable after dismantling, also during installation the pneumatic gun bracket can be used, you can staple, screw the self-tapping screws, etc. For example, on a subwall made of magnesite board it is possible to assemble attachable equipment.


magnesite board «MAGNECO» does not require any special devices and instruments for processing. Cutting of board is made by means of a construction knife with replaceable blades, using scoring method and subsequent fracture.


magnesite board «MAGNECO» refers to a class of non-combustible materials (NCM). It is non-flammable at high temperature, does not emit harmful toxic substances, which makes this material optimal for use in the facilities with raise demands for fire safety, as well as in the structural elements on the protection of load-bearing structures from fire.

Heat insulation and acoustic insulation

magnesite board «MAGNECO», having in its composition such component as volcanic sand, also known as perlite, is a good enough insulation element, which can significantly improve thermal and acoustic performances of premises.

Operational life

depending on usage conditions, the life of magnesite board «MAGNECO» is approximately 30 years. The guarantee service life is not less than 7 years from the date of magnesite board installation, in full compliance with the recommended standards of installation and operation.


bilateral reinforcement with basalt fiberglass makes magnesite board «MAGNECO» sufficiently flexible and elastic material, which allows using this product for the production and finishing of curved elements and structures.

Antiseptic properties

of magnesite board «MAGNECO» are conditioned by basic components of the material, oxide and magnesium chloride, which are natural antiseptic agents. These components of magnesite board prevent the formation of mould, fungi and insects.

Dimensional stability

a high content of magnesia cement in magnesite board «MAGNECO», produced by Company Magnesite Poland, provides a low coefficient of linear expansion under high temperature and humidity.

Resistance to frost

magnesite board resistant to more than 50 cycles (meaning magnesite board of Facade type).

Moisture resistance

magnesite board «MAGNECO», thanks to its main components, is not deformed under the influence of adverse factors such as humidity, steam, dampness. It is also resistant to direct contact with water.

Magnesite board «MAGNECO» (classification)

Magnesite board

Magnesite board “Standard”

is found its use for interior walls, actively used in the structure of interior subwalls, floors, counter ceilings, for the production of panels for decorative purposes, and sound-absorbing structures and etc., in premises with dry and normal humidity regimes, in residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings.
Priority areas for the use of a magnesite board Standard:

magnesite board of this type is recommended for finishing works in places with high requirements for strength and durability of structures (sports complexes, shopping and recreation centres, cinemas, heated warehouses, etc.);

we recommend to use the magnesite board Standard at finishing work in the buildings and structures with high requirements for sanitary-epidemiological nature, namely: - medical establishments, laboratories, health resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools, manufacturing plants of food industry, etc. ).

Magnesite board

Magnesite board “Premium”

is widely used in finishing work in premises with wet and moist regimes of humidity. It has found its application in residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings for the walls, construction of interior subwalls, floors, construction of counter ceilings, etc. It can also be used for finishing work in unheated areas: basements, parking lots, warehouses, garages, balconies, etc.

Priority areas for the use of a magnesite board Premium:

It is used in industrial and commercial buildings for finishing works with high requirements for resistance to aggressive environments: acids, alkalis, petroleum products;

It is used for finishing works in the premises with the possibility of wide drop in humidity and temperature: showers, pools, saunas, kitchens, bakeries, washeries, etc.;

It is widely used for fire protection of load-bearing structures of buildings, as well as for the protection of elements of buildings, which are of the increased requirements for fire safety: escape routes, elevator shafts, stairwells, communication shafts, ventilation shafts, wooden elements of attic floors, etc;

This material has proven itself in the construction of fireplaces, stoves, etc., as well as for the construction of protective screens between the firebox and floor structures or walls.

Magnesite board

Magnesite board “Facade”

is used for insulation of external walls with a ventilated air space, in the manufacture of sandwich panels and construction of quickly assembled buildings, as the outer protective layer. It is non-combustible material and it is very often used in structures, operation of which is associated with significant changes in temperature and humidity. It is applied for cladding facades of buildings and structures, as well as a base for roofing.

Priority areas for the use of a magnesite board Facade:

  • ventilated facade systems;
  • basis for different facade finishing (including stone cladding);
  • frame construction with a metal or wooden frame;
  • cast-frame construction;
  • for the manufacture of permanent formwork;
  • roofing;
  • plaster systems for facade insulation.


Physical and mechanical properties of magnesite board «MAGNECO»


  «Standard» «Premium» «Facade»
Length, mm 2400/1200 2400/1200 2400/1350
Width, mm 1200/600 1200/600 1200/900
Thickness, mm 8,10,12 8,10,12 10,12
Density, kg/m3, within the measures of 850…950 900…1200 1000…1400
Water absorbance, %, not more than 25 16 10
Bending strength, MPa, not less than 7,0 7,7 7,7
Hardness of front face, MPa, not less than 30 40 45
Change of linear parameters under the influence of temperature and humidity, %, not more than 0,3 0,2 0,1
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, watt/(meter*kelvin), not more than 0,24 0,26 0,26
Specific resistance to pulling of a screw, N/mm 400 500 500
Fire-resistance A2-s1,do (Incombustible material) A2-s1,do (Incombustible material) A2-s1,do (Incombustible material)
Soundproofing 30 DB (for 10 mm) 30 DB (for 10 mm) 30 DB (for 10 mm)
Crash resistance, J, not less than 5,0
Frost-resistance, loss of bending strength not more than to 10%, of frost cycles 50

Recommendations for the use of magnesite board «MAGNECO».


Magnesite board

Magnesite board should be stored in a dry place with sufficient ventilation. In cases when a specific time magnesite board is stored in the open air, for example, on objects, we recommend you to keep the boards under any open shed to protect from direct exposure to moisture. If the boards are wet, they must be dried before installation.

Immediately prior to installation the magnesite boards must be primed from the front and inner sides, abutting end of the magnesite board with primer coat of deep penetration twice.
When mounting magnesite board it should be taken into account the water vapour permeability properties of the material. To this end, during finishing works on one side of magnesite board, using material which prevents absorption of moisture (ceramic tile, vapour-proof paints, varnishes, wallpaper, etc.), the other side of the magnesite board must be given similar properties. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the opposite side of the board with a vapour barrier materials (hydrophobisators, varnishes, paints, etc.), or by priming with the method of multiple priming to form a film on the surface of a magnesium board.

Magnesite board

During the internal work, the installation of magnesite board should be carried out during the finishing works (in winter only with heating), before finish flooring, whereupon all the “wet” processes must be completed and arrangement of plumbing systems and electro-purpose work has to be carried out, while meeting the normal humidity regime. The temperature in the premises, where it is conducted an appropriate work, should be not lower than + 10 ° C. Magnesite board before installation must be appropriately adapted directly in the premises.

In outdoor applications magnesite board must be acclimatized before installation. The ambient temperature and the material should be not lower than + 5 ° C.

Magnesite board is quite easily cut using a usual manual (knife, hacksaw, etc.) or electric (angle grinder, jigsaw, circular saw) tools. Cutting with a knife is absolutely identical to cutting of gypsum board. When cutting the magnesite boards using electrical tools it should be used tools with protection against dust and the presence of diamond cutting edges. Chamfer from the plate ends can be easily removed with the help of the planer and sander.

Magnesite board can be mounted on metal or wooden profile systems, as well as on the glue with additional “umbrellas” fastening.

Firring of profile system is calculated at a pitch of stub not more than 450 mm, taking into account the size, thickness of the board and the requirements for stiffness to the finished construction. There is a rule: the thinner is the board, than, respectively, the less step of firring is used.

If magnesite board is used as the base for the floor (floor batten) or base when gluing tiles, stone and ceilings boardering, the firring step is reduced to 300×300 mm.

Magnesite board

For mounting the magnesite board to profile system it is used the self-tapping trim-head screws (with notches on the back of the head). The presence of anti-corrosion coating on the screws is a prerequisite. The screws are screwed to magnesite board at a distance of 10-15 mm from the edge of the board at a pitch of about 15-20 cm. When using screws without the presence of notches on the back of the head, it should be done spotting in places of their installation.

Between the boards it is necessary to leave a gap of about 2 mm (for internal work) and 3-4 mm in outdoor application. The resulting joints are sealed with magnesite filler, with additional reinforcement with painting edging tape.

All work related to the process filling (sealing of joints and places of screws fixing, finish a coat of plaster to a true surface) is better to be done with magnesite filler, produced by Company Magnesite Poland, observing the conditions related to operational.

Painting of magnesite board should be performed with water-dispersible paint that will not interfere with the free absorption and expulsion of moisture.

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